Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ethnic but modern

PART of the joy of welcoming the Chinese New Year for some people is the opportunity to get some new togs for themselves.

A dainty white dress with a red and grey border.
A dainty white dress with a red and grey border.

While some people may enjoy shopping for traditional classics, the more adventurous souls may be looking for something appropriate to wear for the Lunar New Year, but with a funky and modern skew to it.

Happily E’tho’s Spring 2008 collection designed by Eric Tho strives to satisfy all tastes. The collection not only features clothing for women but men and children as well.

Always advocating ethnic wear but with a modern touch, this latest E’tho collection once again successfully fuses Malaysian cultural elements together for the Year of the Rat.

The launch of the show saw Tho’s creativity in action. A male and female model, both clad in red with fabric featuring a batik rat print, flanked the God of Prosperity as he was introduced to the audience.
Particularly whimsical was the cheery red cheongsam with rat print. Pretty camisoles looked stunning when matched with long pants or capris.

Formal jackets were given a local flavour with songket and double layering of chiffon with intricate beadwork.

For those who prefer contemporary clothing, Western-style gowns and clothes were also part of Tho’s collection. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, naturally there were cheongsams and sam foos to choose from, in a myriad of colours and fabrics such as laces, cotton and silk.